Telephone by Salt Petal

Surf rock band Salt Petal are a group out of LA who are gaining quite a bit of attention. Billboard featured a write up on the musically diverse band, plus they’ve recently won an international songwriting competition whose voters were from the BBC. Their sound is deeply rooted in the classic surf rock style of the sixties but they bring invigorating twists of Latin rhythms with an indie pop aesthetic. With their new album called Rare Hearts due for release in late April, the lead single Telephone is a groovy and upbeat tune to hype up the project. 

What was interesting about this track is that it had a great riff but the guitar had an echo effect on it. While this could have been disastrous, making the most catchy part of the song blurred and unrecognisable, it actually added to the grooviness of the riff. The track also had a slightly varied structure to most pop songs. The first verse was not followed by a chorus, instead there was a bit of an instrumental phrase then another verse. This is interesting because it builds tension. All you want to hear is the chorus, because it’s clear by the guitar riff and the snappy rhythms that are clapped throughout the verses that this chorus is going to be amazing. But you don’t get it as soon as you want, and when you finally do the wait makes it even better.

I actually quite enjoyed this single. It’s catchy, thoughtfully composed, and that guitar riff! Even though the vocals aren’t as strong as you might expect from a surf rock band, it doesn’t detract from the piece it only adds a new dimension. I’m giving the track 10/10. 

Listen to the single here

If you’d like to know more about the band, check out their WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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