Things That Make You Beautiful by John Adams

Singer-songwriter John Adams from South Wales Valleys has released his latest music video for Things That Make You Beautiful, the second single from his upcoming EP. Some may recognise him from X-Factor, with his performance of Cannonball by Damien Rice getting the track back onto the charts at a higher postition than it had been on debut. This artist is clearly a hardworking person as his next step after X-Factor was to busk across the UK funding his first album The Pavement Is My Stage which reached seventh spot on iTunes’ singer-songwriter chart. Adams has since performed with Take That, Lemar and Olly Murs, as well as releasing new tracks like Things That Make You Beautiful in anticipation for the release of his EP in the middle of the year.  

The video begins with a quote written in white on a black screen with no music behind it followed by the title of the song and the artist. This caught my attention as it isn’t often that you see a music video begin without music, and even less often with a quote. The music itself contained piano accompaniment and long, sustained notes from strings with a special emphasis on the cello. The drumming rhythm was simple and only used to amplify the effect of the soaring string section and melody in the chorus. There were multiple points in the song where the music built up to a climax, although I was waiting for one shining, glorious moment in the third chorus which never really came. Adams’ vocal tone was very indie-pop, but felt genuine and honest which came across in certain words that he stressed (by this I mean putting rough edges or softer, airy tones onto individual words). In the video for the track, dancer Georgia Jones is featured in an empty studio, and although she doesn’t do too many arabesques or pirouettes, her movements are understated yet graceful. An accurate depiction of the music. 

I thought this song was well written and constructed. It’s clear Adams has a feel for when to highlight certain emotions in both his music and vocals. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more of a grand climax to the song, but it didn’t leave me unsatisfied. I give the song 9.5/10. 

You can pre-order the single on iTunes

To find out more about the singer, check out his Website, Facebook Page and Twitter


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