All I Know by JAMS the Flava Child

JAMS, an artist originally from the UK but based in Chicago, released All I Know a few days ago which mixes funk and hip hop to create a modern yet classic sound. The artist himself was influenced by some of the greats, like James Brown and Curtis Mayfield, taking inspiration from their music and blending it with his own life experiences. All I Know is the lead single from his upcoming EP called The Flava Child Experience, a reflection on his life in Chicago struggling to make ends meet. This track aims to embody his sound and authenticity in anticipation for the launch of his EP on the 12th of May. 

The track begins with sustained strings and soft piano notes that lead into a syncopated Latin rhythm. Because of the synth sounds which are common of pop music, the underlying funk vibe was made to sound a little spacey. Definitely a unique sound from JAMS. The highlight of the track was the rapped verses, not only was there some great rhymes but also a variety of rhythms so the lyrics didn’t seem bland. I wasn’t sure about the chorus. I think changing the rhythm, having a sung passage and varying the music was a little too different from the verses. Possibly keeping the Latin rhythm going through the chorus and removing the echoed voice after the title lyric ‘all I know’, may provide a smoother transition from one section to another.

All I Know certainly embodies a unique sound that many people may not have heard before. To produce something like this shows creative musical talent, and with practice and more experience I think JAMS the Flava Child could make waves in the hip hop insdustry. I give the track 7.5/10. 

You can listen to his music on Soundcloud

Check out his Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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