Caught in the Light by HotKid

HotKid are a trio from Toronto made up of Shiloh Harrison (guitar and vocals), Peter McIntosh (bass), and Robbie Butcher (drums). Caught in the Light is the first single from their upcoming LP Late Night Mornings. It’s the first work the group has completed as a three-piece, recording the album with Adam King. With Late Night Mornings set to release on the 5th of May, the new single is a peek into their new sound. 

The guitar riff of Caught in the Light was simple but memorable. There was a break in the middle of the track where only the guitar and vocals play for a phrase or two, then the bass, vocals and drums lead into the last half of the chorus. This was a subtle but effective crescendo to the last chorus. What would have made this more fruitful is if the song ended after the chorus. The last thirty to forty-five seconds of the track, although great by itself, was not needed and had no purpose for the overall narrative. I thought the effect on the melody in the verses was different, adding to the distortion of the guitars. I also loved the ending of each chorus, the notes Harrison picked to sing were not the ones I expected. 

I thought the overall vibe of the track was great. There were a few small aspects I didn’t like, but that could be matter of personal taste. If you enjoy rock, especially if you enjoy acts like Metric and Blondie, give this group a listen. I give the track 8/10. 

Listen to the single on Soundcloud

Check out the trio on their WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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