Silver Rose: EP Review

From Mexico City, Silver Rose (Carla Sariñana) created her new EP to share her love of Shoegaze Dream Pop. Although she is most known as being one of the founding members of Ruida Rosa, an all-female Mexican Rock band, the bassist has gone solo for this project. The self-titled EP was originally released in July last year, but after signing to Presana Recordings was re-distributed in November across the UK and April this year in the US. On the EP, founder of the label Peter ‘Caspian’ Lennox explained “the songs are honest, heartfelt stories of love, dreams, perseverance and hope; they are delivered with bravery, vulnerability and tenderness, all wrapped up in an exciting wall of sound with melodic cascading guitars.” As Sariñana herself is bilingual, half of the EP is in Spanish while the other half is sung in English. 

The EP takes off with the subtle harmonies and reverb-heavy vocals of Sueños de Amor. Although I knew that Silver Rose was an alt-rock EP, I did not realise it would be so heavily reliant on the rock aspect of the genre. What was great was that even though the track came across as hard rock, the combination of reverb, sustained chords and dreamy sounds softened the atmosphere. Noches employed more of an earthy feel, with less cymbal work and an unadorned riff that was only used as a bridge between sections. Although the song didn’t go anywhere, I don’t think it was supposed to. The shoegaze aspect that inspired Silver Rose means that the music could be simple, repetitive and not have to lead to a climax or key change. It was quite content where it was. 

Take Me Home had a different feel to the first two tracks. Although there were more of those subtle harmonies on the vocal line, there was a broader soft pop feel to the song. The mood changed yet again in the next track. I’m Alright was darker and moodier, beginning with only guitar and voice. I enjoyed the melody in the chorus of Crimen, but would have liked to hear a track with a faster tempo at this point in the EP to contrast with the previous songs. Where I Left My Heart employed a slow, syncopated beat that almost swung like in the popular form of jazz music in the twenties. I also loved hearing the guitar hook playing on the minor seventh in between sung phrases. 

Silver Rose was not what I was expecting. It was hard rock meshed with dreamy, atmospheric sounds and Sariñana’s voice captured both the power and delicacy of this juxtaposition. My only qualms were that I couldn’t understand the lyrics of the Spanish songs, and that the order of the tracks didn’t flow well to my ears. I give the EP 8/10. 

Here’s where you can see her perform:
April 28: Foro IndieRocks, Mexico City, MX
July 6-10: Ruido Fest, Chicago, IL 

Check out Silver Rose on her Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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