Something About Her by Mina Alali

Nineteen year-old Mina Alali released her fourth single in twelve months recently named Something About Her. The American teen acquired a feel for music at an early age and has since experimented with many genres and art forms like musical theatre, A Capella, jazz choir, R&B, as well as Persian classical voice. She has appeared on US TV shows promoting her music and plans to tour the country in the middle of the year. For the past few months, Alali has been working with songwriter Arlene Mordeno, creating original songs and working on an album, which listeners will hopefully hear soon.

Something About Her is very much a pop track. It employs percussive synth sounds, leaving the vocals to provide most of the pitched notes. There were quite a few passages where vocal harmonies were used, especially in the verses. I enjoyed the vocal responses from the background which complemented the main melody line. This familiar call-and-response technique undoubtedly came from her experiences of singing R&B music as well as participating in a choir. My only critique of the song was the lyrics. The idea behind the song is a solid premise for the lyrics, and there are some great lines in the verses and chorus. However, I think there were more sophisticated ways that Alali could have expressed those ideas. As she is nineteen she has plenty of time to learn and improve on her skills as a lyricist, so I look forward to hearing her tracks as she gets more experience. 

There’s no doubt that Alali has talent. Already she has caught the attention of many people both in the media and in the music industry. With more experience and some great education from the Berklee College of Music, she could be the next pop sensation. I give the track 8.5/10. 

For more information on the singer check out her WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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