Fly Away by CEO Cleezy

CEO Cleezy is a rap artist from Queens who’s making big impressions in the genre. So far he’s garnered success by opening for NSYC’s Aaron Carter, as well as making guest appearances on recordings with 50 Cent and Tony Yayo. On the 24th of April, the rapper released his debut album named I Accept Your Apology. The lead single from the project, Fly Away, is the best way to begin the album and is sure to be one of his shining moments. 

The feel of this track in particular is dance, the sort that has become huge in the popular music scene. His spoken introduction to the song was a great way of setting up subjects and themes, but I found that it didn’t go anywhere musically. Possibly a more intense high hat in the last chorus could have given the music more of an edge. I did enjoy the track, I just thought it could have had an extra oomph. I thought CEO Cleezy’s verses were great. He varied his tone at just the right moments, not only for the lyrics but for the music. Although he didn’t change up the rhythms he used often, I think it was purposeful. Instead of showing off his rapping prowess, he chose to focus more on the lyrics and what they needed from him. 

Overall I think CEO Cleezy has profound musical instinct. He knew how to rap the lyrics to best communicate them rather than him using the medium to show off. With a little tweak of the music behind him, this has the potential of being a great track for radio. I give the song 9/10. 

If you’d like to hear his music, play it on Soundcloud

For more information on CEO Cleezy, check out his Facebook Page and Twitter


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