Faux Real by Fake Shark: Album Review

Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of reviewing Heart 2 Heart by Fake Shark, a synth-pop trio. This as well as Cheap Thrills were the lead singles from their upcoming album Faux Real. This week, I was able to get a sneak preview of the album that will be released on the 26th of May through Light Organ Records. 

The album begins with Friends, an upbeat, groovy track. From the start I enjoyed its vibe, and loved how they used silence in the music at the end of the third verse to make the last chorus go off with a bang. Cheap Thrills continued the groovy vibe this time with a falsetto and low grungy guitar. The contrast between the two absolutely made the song. There were also some really interesting chordal progressions that I wasn’t expecting, and some cool changes in rhythms before each chorus. Heart 2 Heart had a more electronic dance feel especially in the last half of the chorus. My only issue with the song was the effect on the vocals in the chorus which made the lyrics difficult to understand. I thought the way the guitar both played along with the vocal melody and mimicked it was clever in Something Special. The repetitive nature in Be That Way ensured that it got stuck in my head. Also the sparse music complimented the melody which again used falsetto. 

Fake Shark Faux Real Album Art
NOFOMO had some really out-there sounds included in the track, and made me feel as though I was in an obscure eighties film. I enjoyed the lead singer’s lower range in this one. It was a nice change from hearing his accomplished falsetto. I thought the glissando in the harp was a little overused in this track, it suited when transitioning from chorus to verse but sounded out of place in other spots. Ride had a more soft pop feel, with a chorus effect and simple but effective guitar solo. The next track had a triple feel within its duple time signature, something the drummer pulled off quite well. The repetitive ‘ohs’ in the chorus were super catchy and the scale in the synth that lead into the second verse was a great addition to the track. I enjoyed the bass line in Fairfax. The stopping and starting like a skipping CD was quite intriguing and made me stop to listen more carefully. Kool Keith featured in the next track and brought with him a decidedly more hip hop feel, showing how multi-faceted the band are. The last track on the album, Push My Luck, had a repetitive and memorable chorus with vocal harmonies bringing the album to an end.

I actually quite enjoyed a fair few tracks on this album. Especially the first five or six songs, they were groovy and very easily danced to. There were a few aspects I was unsure of, but the album on the whole was well-produced and the band definitely made some bold creative decisions. I give the album 8.5/10. 

Check them out on Soundcloud and YouTube

For more information on the band check out their WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and Instagram

You can also check out my review of Heart 2 Heart, a single from the album. 


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