Prologue by David Mark Bulley: EP Review

Singer-songwriter from London, David Mark Bulley releases his new EP on the 9th of June. A long-term project, some tracks on the EP have been in the works for four years and tell the artist’s personal story. Bulley has taken his music to many countries, having a strong fan-base in Poland and performing at Towar Arena for last year’s Young Star’s Festival. His last EP from 2014 garnered success on iTunes, ranking in the top twenty in the singer-songwriter charts, with the lead single from this EP has received great reviews from media outlets including this very site!

This EP has quite a few interludes, the first named Prologue. It begins the project with an echoey feel and drone-like sounds. The lead single is up next, followed by Kaleidoscope. This track had a light, high piano and guitar accompaniment with Bulley’s falsetto blending well with the track. I thought the guitar chords in the first verse weren’t needed, just letting the beat and vocals sound would have made the build up to the chorus more effective. Yesterday was the next interlude. I enjoyed the beginning piano accompaniment but the change in pattern seemed unnecessary for such a short piece. Black Rainbow showcased Bulley’s lower register, including a groovy guitar part and a driving beat. It was great to hear the softer, slower tones of Tell Me It’s Over after the upbeat track before it. Yet again Bulley’s falsetto highlighted raw emotions contained in the lyrics. 

Mama used an interesting scale with a beautiful lyrical piano accompaniment. I would have like to hear the last two phrases of the song cut out and the interlude end on a sustained chord or note. Multiple voices singing unison and an octave below were used in the next track. World Full of Crazy also had a great guitar solo that blended well with the broken chords in the string section. I noticed that most of the slower ballads on this EP were in triple time and Wonderful Life was no exception. Although I think it would be worth exploring different time signatures to evoke the same sentiment, I did enjoy the tense dissonance of the strings in this track. The last interlude, My Heart, utilised the bass notes of the piano well. I think it would have sounded better if the track faded out rather than cutting off as quickly as it did. Lions was the perfect way to finish the EP: catchy and upbeat. 

I thought this EP showed some great creative thinking and highlighted Bulley’s vocal range well. There were a few clunky aspects about some of the tracks, but most of it flowed well left an overall positive impression. I give it 8/10. 

Preorder his EP here and to hear more of his music check him out on SpotifyVevo and YouTube

For more information on David, check out his Facebook Page and Twitter


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