Camille Peruto Inteview 

For readers who don’t know you (or just don’t watch Idol), can you tell us a bit about yourself and your music?
Of course! I have been pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter for 9 years now. As much as I love playing cover gigs around New Jersey, Philly, Delaware, etc, my main goal is to write music that people love. I have released two studio albums – “Sparrow” (2013) and “From the Sea to the Sky” (2017). I often open for touring acts (Tim Reynolds, Anna Nalick, etc.) when they come to my area, and I was asked to be on American Idol in 2015! It was a crazy experience.

You recently released your album From the Sea to the Sky, what were some of the inspirations and influences behind the work?
I was really influenced by newer pop/alternative music. I feel like pop is everyone’s guilty pleasure but to me, Top 40 can be sort of predictable. I wanted a more distinctive sound. I have always loved Sara Bareilles, who seems to be able to incorporate a contemporary sound with very meaningful lyrics and interesting melodies. I love doing the same! Some of the songs were a bit more laid back and raw. For these songs (Biscuit Moon, The High Road, to name a few) I was inspired by artists like John Mayer and the Beatles.

How has the response to the new album been?
Most people have told me that they’ve never heard anything like it, which is such a relief! I am happy that it is unique to other music but people still love it for what it is. I’ve been blessed with amazing reviews and a lot of awesome opportunities. We will be performing a few songs live on Radio 104.5 on July 28th at 5PM! I am hoping to spread the news about this album in any way I can.

You’ll be releasing the music video for your single Silent Melody on the 16th of June, can you tell us what to expect from it?
I don’t want to put out the typical “modern” video for a pop song. I want it to be unique, and true to my music. I have a friend who has been doing videos for me for years, and we are going to try to step out of the box.

Any plans to tour or perform with the new album?
My band and I definitely want to tour! Maybe in the Spring/Summer of 2018! Keep a look out. I also have over 100 shows booked in the Philly/Jersey area for this summer. They’re all listed here.

For more information on the singer check out her WebsiteFacebook Page and Twitter


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