Everything Under the Sun by Twin Bandit

Everything Under the Sun is the lead single from Twin Bandit’s upcoming album Full Circle. The duo combine their love of folk with the familiar singer-songwriter pop that has become prevalent with artists like Ed Sheeran. This single is their ode to Nashville, and a way of showing their appreciation for the famously musical city. It was released with another track, To Stay, which was written to contrast the positive, free attitude of Everything Under the Sun. 

It was clear from the outset that the guitar part was deeply rooted in the folk-country genre. The track itself was understated and didn’t use any fancy techniques to hold the listeners attention. The slow vibrato used in the melody was integral in making the lyrics sound authentic and heartfelt. Vocal harmonies were added in each chorus, but were subtle and beautiful. The only aspect of the track I wasn’t sold on was the repetition of ‘everything under the sun’ during the third verse. I think if each phrase became louder or lifted in pitch it would have made for a more interesting passage. 

I believe this is a solid track for the duo. The vocals were the highlight of this piece, with subtlety and reservedness an asset to the music. I give the track 8/10.

Listen to the single here

To hear more of their music go to Spotify

Find out more information on Twin Bandit through their WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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