Incomplete by Matt Koelsch

Incomplete is the latest release from singer-songwriter Matt Koelsch. This single is from his latest EP named Thinking of You, co-produced by Eugene Toale who has worked with the likes of Kanye West. The ex-financier from New England quit his lucrative job to pursue his passion for music and hasn’t looked back. Since entering the music industry, Koelsch has sold thousands of copies of his music, played over 170 shows per year and received a scholarship to Berklee College of Music. 

This single is an understated ballad which showcases Koelsch’s vocal tone. It begins with the timeless combination of piano chords and long sustained notes on the cello, adequately setting a mood of class and intimacy. Positioned against Koelsch’s melody, the female vocal harmoniea in each chorus were reminiscent of folk-country ballads. I thought the a cappella section just before the last chorus was an ingenious way of highlight the end without straying from the personal nature of the music. In fact, the whole track was well structured and performed. 

Incomplete is an excellent choice for a single. Not only is it well written and produced, but it captures Koelsch’s vocals flawlessly. I give the single 9.5/10. 

To listen to Incomplete go to Matt’s Soundcloud

For more information on Matt, visit his WebsiteFacebook Page and Instagram


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