How to Tell Everyone You’re an Asexual: Things People Might Ask

The concept of asexuality has recently become frequent in the media, and even a dozen years ago it was understood as a sexual deviation and the articles were accompanied by tips and recommendations on how to treat this “disease” and phone numbers of clinics. And in 2001, the Aven asexuals site appeared – and this gave a new round of development to the asexuality phenomenon. We will consider the issue from the psychological and physiological points of view and give you tips on coming out to other people.

10 Most Romantic Albums on Apple Music 2019

Music heals, it helps us recover from a hard breakup, tunes us into the right mood and all of us who are in a long-term relationship probably have that one track that we call “our song”. That is because the music industry has entered all spheres of our life, we wake up to it, hear it in supermarkets and fall asleep with our headphones on. Our today’s list is devoted to the best music albums released in 2019. Let’s recall the top ten of them which we consider the most romantic.