Club Burlesk: Winter Wonderland Review

By LJ Coleman

On a wet and cold Sunday night in Adelaide, the quickest way to heat things up was at Club Burlesk at La Boheme! The monthly show – presented by Peaches n Gin Burlesque – has become a staple for the Burlesque community and is a fantastic show for all burlesque and cabaret tastes.

The show in July was a “Winter Wonderland” theme and it did not fail to deliver nor did it disappoint.

The first act was the fierce and gorgeous Miss Curvella who teased and taunted the audience with a fur coat and an attitude that was equal parts intimidating and inviting. Her execution of classic burlesque moves were flawless, but she kept the audience on their toes with her choice of songs- Vanilla Ice Ice Baby and Hot in Herre which well accompanied her gangsta attitude and hip-hop vibe. Her brazen consumption of alcohol on stage and a lovely finish involving silk fans kept the audience tempted and left them wanting more!

After an upbeat and teasing performance, the show smoothly segued into a performance from the Adelaide Cabaret Queen- Sidonie Henbest. Wearing a light blue fabulous gown and casually sitting in a chair, Sidonie captivated the audience with her impressive and smooth vocal cords on the song Stormy Weather. Not one audience member took their eyes off of her for the entirety of the (unfortunately) short performance and their attention never wavered for a second

The next performance was by the always cheeky and charming Nona Mona. Her dressing gown and red nose made most of the audience enjoy the idea of a fever. Her sickly appearance was merely a ruse for the wonderfully glittery costume and lei’s she had on underneath. Nona’s shimmying and shaking to The Merrymen’s Feeling Hot Hot Hot kept the audience entertained as she gave a few of us a lei.

Photo by Anthony Rex

The fourth act was by the lovely Sheena Miss Demeanour who entered the stage demurely in a fabulous slinky pink gown which she delicately and tantalisingly removed to the song Baby It’s Cold Outside. This demure act sharply segued into an exciting and raunchy performance which allowed Sheena to show off her impeccable blues moves along with her flexibility.

Nona Mona opened the second half of the show with a flourish and a showgirl costume. To everyones delight, she strayed from the usual tradition of removing clothes for the audience and actually traded clothes with a few audience members in order to keep herself warm. This quirky change in act complemented her audacious personality well and amused the audience.

Sidonie Henbest made another appearance with a “Christmas in July” feel with the song Santa Baby. This cute and sexy song allowed Sidonie to display her impressive vocal range yet again an the audience couldn’t get enough of her.

The lights dropped and Sheena Miss Demeanour took to the stage in a flowing chiffon dress. This act quickly heated things up through her sensual and enchanting dance moves. Once her dress had been removed, Sheena wowed the audience with her feather fan skills which have impressed audiences all around Australia. As an added bonus, the feather fans lit up and created a burlesque experience which was new and exciting for the audience.

With countless awards and titles to her name, Mema Sifa was the final and exhilarating act. With a Game of Thrones theme and participation from other performers, as well use of special effects on a backdrop, the final act was one that is too difficult to describe, but definitely a must-see!

Club Burlesk is unquestionably a staple in the Adelaide burlesque community and definitely one not to be missed.

 “Winter Wonderland” rating- ☆☆☆☆


LJ (short for Lavender Jubilee) is completing her studies in Creative Writing and Musicology at the University of Adelaide and has been in the Adelaide burlesque community for two years. After taking many burlesque classes, she has performed twice as well as been a stage kitty. She hopes to continue her work in the burlesque community through performing more and writing about it in any way she can. All business enquiries can be directed to 

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