We’ll Be Just Fine by Burn the Louvre: EP Review

Burn the Louvre is a four-piece band based in Hamilton Canada. Their sound is primarily a mix of indie, pop and rock with a bit of a punk edge. The band formed in its early format in 2010 after a New Years Resolution took flight. We’ll Be Just Fine is their latest EP, released in July of last year with the music video for Fast Cars & Porn Stars dropped on Friday.

The EP began with the aforementioned track, which had a hard rock sound. I was impressed by the depth of vocal dynamics in this song, as a grittier tone was used for key syllables. I enjoyed the use of silence and rests just after the two minute mark, it was surprising and provided a much needed aura of tension. The only aspect I was not sold on was the guitar solo; to me it sounded disjointed, which could have been intentional, but it still grated on my ears a little. Body Lies was more pop-punk than the previous track. It added a smidge of vocal harmony in the chorus and continued with the use of rests in all parts but the drums. The intro to Give Me Love was great. Hands down my favourite part of the EP. I thought the way the drummer put an emphasis on the first beat of every bar, somehow making my ears think the second bar’s first beat came in too quickly, was excellent and showed great musicality.

Simpler Places began with a sliding pitch in the guitar, and although I quite enjoyed it, I think it could have been dropped after the introduction. I also thought the vocalist needed a bit more light and shade in this delivery. The lyrics would have had more potential to be expressive if vocal tone was varied further. However, I did like the guitar solo which fit so nicely with the rest of the track. The punk vibe returned for Breakdown, which employed a messier style (hence the title Breakdown). Last but not least was the title track We’ll Be Just Fine. I found this song to have a strangely fitting sixties feel with a modern twist of soft synth sounds.

There was certainly a nice variation in styles in this EP, and although many aspects of different genres were used, the sound worked well. It’s great to hear that these guys have nailed down a unique but fresh feel in their music, all they need is some more experience in songwriting and they’ll be well on their way to success. I give the EP 7/10.

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