Interview with Aeves

For readers who are new to your music, could you tell us a bit about your sound and musical influences?
Molly: Our sound is definitely a hodgepodge of influences that we attempted to mesh together to create something we liked, and the result ended up being a vibey indie pop. I don’t really know what I’d personally consider us, but we’ve been called a lot of different things. You see us as you want to see us—in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. You see us as indie pop, dream pop, pop rock, maybe even psychedelic pop. Correct? We’re whatever fits your  personal definition, within reason, I guess.
As far as my influences go, I am honestly all across the board and I truly don’t think I make sense as a human being. I’ve been told my songwriting is like punk songs, but the sound is pop, but I don’t write pop punk. My vocals have been compared anywhere from Porishead to Lady Gaga when live. But what I really would consider my influences, well… vocally, Patrick Stump (of Fall Out Boy) takes the cake. Dude blows me away and has been an influence on me vocally and my songwriting for the longest. I also love Lady Gaga. 2009 Gaga is just amazing. A few artists I’m super into that I would definitely say have influenced me in some way or another aside from them would probably be: Death Cab, Saves the Day, Angel Haze, Harm’s Way, You Blew It!, Oso Oso, Dikembe, Trapped Under Ice, Foxes, Rozwell Kid, The Fray, Childish Gambino, The Menzingers, Felix Snow, Cruel Hand. There’s just a long list of artists I enjoy. I’m sure you can point out influence I’ve drawn from them somewhere, in some way.

I read that in the early days, you worked with Marc Walloch who is best known for his work with AWOLNATION and Company of Thieves. How did he help you focus your music?
Molly: He actually worked with us on this upcoming release. We brought the songs to him and we had a hefty discussion on what we were into, where we were going with our music, and what we wanted to get out of it. We just basically focused on expressing what we were feeling and the jive when we were recording. We didn’t really go in saying, “I want to sound like THIS (insert artist here)!” because I don’t know how you can create an authentic song by that technique. We just focused on creating good music that WE enjoyed. If we don’t enjoy it, why would anyone else?

You’ve got a new EP called ‘Desire’ coming out in a couple of weeks, what can we expect to hear?
Molly: A mix of songs that we wrote, recorded, and are now releasing. Just kidding. All the songs are different from the others, so I assure you that you will not be listening to the same song over and over. Our good friend Victor did a BUMPIN remix and it’s a total jam. I’m very stoked for everyone to hear what he did with some of our work.

You’ve also recorded a music video for one of your singles from the EP aptly named ‘Wild Hearts’, What was the experience like and is making a music video a challenging process?
Molly: We did indeed do that! The experience was awesome. We recorded with our friend Arielle, who I actually went to college with. We’ve generally gravitated towards working with people we know, just because we really enjoy the familiarity that’s already there. It wasn’t that challenging, except we had to do a few reshoots, and my wigs hated me during that one. We also recorded a video for Loaded Love with our friend Sean, and that one was just me singing the song over and over and over and I’m sure by the end of it, Sean hated that song.

Do you have any plans to tour or perform your new tunes?
Molly: We’re actually in talks of booking things, we just haven’t announced anything because we’re still figuring out the kinks and deets. But we do indeed have those plans, and we will announce them soon 🙂

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